kelompok2 on February 18th, 2012

Hoam…!  W e were really tired! Today, we must woke up earlier than before. After that, we had to go breakfast as ussually. Wow…!We were really full. The bus was coming, it’s time to go to school. At school, we had morning assembly.

Some of our friends perform their own talents, like playing instruments, english speech, chinese speech, and ballet dance. Some of Pei Hwa pupils perform their own talents too, like indian dance, and chinese dance. Aftter morning assembly, we had recess for 30 minutes. Then, we had Art lesson and Math lesson with Mrs. Michelle Tan. And she gave us some snacks. Yeay…! We were so happy. After that, we had lunch with our friends from Pei Hwa. Then, we gave our partners souvenirs that contents a letter for them.

Then, it’s time to say goodbye to our friends. We’ll miss them,too. Then, our bus was coming. “ Horay… It’s time to go to Sentosa Island.” We were so excited. We went to Sentosa by Cable Car. And then, we went to Sky Tower and Images of Singapore. After that, we went to other places to buy some souvenirs. At 17.30 we went for dinner. Wow , we were very full. After that, we went to see The Songs Of The Sea. “ Wow, it’s so wonderful and fantastic.” Now, it’s time for us to go back to the hotel. We had to prepair for tomorrow. Bye!!!

By Group 2: Elvina, Christina, Natasya.

kelompok1 on February 18th, 2012

This morning, we woke up earlier. Because, we were going to join the morning assembly at Pei Hwa, our school at Singapore. And today our father at Singapore, Mr. Endra was sick. Poor him.. L Too shame.

After arriving at school, we went to a big auditorium at level 4. First thing we did  there were praising our God and after that we saw some performances from Petra students and also Pei Hwa. Petra’s performance were playing violin, piano, flute and ballet. And also our friend Anderson speech in Mandarin if Michelle, she speech but in English. After that, we saw some performances from Pei Hwa’s students. Such as Chinese dance and Indian dance. It was so cooll..

After the morning assembly ended, we went to Hosanna Auditorium and met our buddies. We started our school journey with math lesson. Then after the math ended, it was the recess time. Pei Hwa gave us some special food. It was so.. YUMMY! 😛

After the recess time over, we back to Hosanna Auditorium. At there, there was Mrs. Ruziah, our English teacher at Pei Hwa.

First , she asked Petra’s students who want to share their experiences and feeling study at Pei Hwa. And almost every Loyalty 7’s students choose Anderson and the other.

After that, the farewell party began. Mrs. Foo, the principal of Pei wa came and gave some gifts to Mrs. Ariani. Then Petra’s students gave some gifts to Pei Hwa’s students. Then we have to say goodbye to them.. Hiks.. I don’t like this part.

Then we in to our bus and going to Sentosa Island. The cable car didn’t take a lot of times. After arriving to Sentosa Island, we went to Images of Singapore. At there was full of statues, but every statues at there were look the same as the real.

After walking at Images of Singapore, we went to Singapore Tiger Skytower. So everyone in to a big cabin, and that cabin will going upward and while it was going upward, the cabin was spinning. We saw beautiful views. After that, we went to Chocolate World. We bought some chocolates.

Our journey paused for having dinner at Sentosa Island. After everyone had finished their dinner, we continue our journey to Song of The Sea.

The show started at 07.00 p.m. the show was so beautiful, awesome, and absolutely cool. And at 08.15 p.m, the show ended and everyone clap their hand.

Hoahm… We felt tired and sleepy. OK.. Let’s go back to hotel and take a rest or sleeping.. Well, it is the end of our journey for today. See you everyone.. Sleeptight


BY :

  • Angela
  • Catherine
  • Joyleen
kelompok5 on February 18th, 2012

Today was an impressing day, we must say goodbye to our friend in Pei Hwa . We had a farewell ceremony.  We gave some performance. Our performance was great. They also gave some performance like : Indian dance and Chinese dance. The performance were great.

Yey…!!!. We went to the Sentosa Island.  We had a ride of cable car. In cable car, we saw a lot of beautiful things, like ships in the ocean and Universal Studios.

After that we went to the image of Singapore. We were so scared. Phiuhhh, then we ate dinner. We ate a lot in there. Like: seafood, chicken curry so yummy.

Wohow !!! J after this, we went to the Song of The Sea. It was so incredible. We saw a lot a wonderful water in there. We took a lot of photos. Then, we went to the mini market. We bought some items in there.

Hoammm!!, we were so tired . we went to hotel. Then we went to sleep. See you next time…………………………

GBU FOR ALL YOU DO………………………….


This was all we could share

So , how about you ?

kelompok4 on February 18th, 2012

“Wow it’s so early it’s 4 o’clock” we thought in sleepy faces.

We quickly took our bath and got ready to school. Today we are very sad because today is the last day in PeiHwa. We will miss our buddies. 🙁 After we took a bath. We went down to eat some breakfast. Many kinds of delicious food this morning. After breakfast, the bus came. We went in the bus and waited to arrive in PeiHwa. We were so sleepy. After we arrived in PeiHwa, we went to the hall. We had a performance, a farewell performance. PeiHwa had a special performance for us too. There were indian dance and chinese dance.

After the ceremony, we learned arts… We made flowers from colored papers. Then we went to hossana class and study math. Mrs.Tan gave us oreo so yummy. After that, the english teacher came and asked us to go out the door. There were a party. They served us meals for lunch.

After we ate we go back to the class and took some photos. We are sad because we will leave our buddies. We will miss you all guys….:(

After school, we went inside the bus and took a trip to sentosa island. There, we rode cable car and visited the images of Singapore. That place is soo cool! We took lots of pictures there! After that we watched the song of the sea. we had our dinner there too. The food was delicious. and finally we went back to the hotel and slept well.

Tomorrow we will go to Universal Studio. We are all so excited yet sad, for tomorrow will be our last day in Singapore.

Our trip in Singapore is soooo unforgetable for us. It is such a good memory for all of us. We have learnt a lot here.

Thankyou PeiHwa.

Thankyou Petra.

Goodbye Singapore… See you all soon our family and friends in Surabaya! 🙂

kelompok3 on February 18th, 2012

Ughhhh….. Today we have to wake up at 5 am that was just bad, but today we also have to say good bye to our friends too….. We were going to miss them all! So we had to eat our breakfast quickly. After the bus arrived, we quickly got on the bus and then we went to the school. In the school , some of our friends from Petra and Pei Hwa will perform something for the morning exhibition. In this team, all 4 of us will perform in the morning exhibition…..We were all so nervous.

When the farewell party had begun, the Pei Hwa students sang 2 songs , the songs were all about Pei Hwa and Singapore. When they have done singing, the time of our performance had been arrived. Before we perform, Michelle had led us to pray. After we prayed to God , we did our performance and we all did our best to entertain everyone. Michelle performed a speech in English, while Andersen performed speech in Chinese. After the speeches, Mevina, Tiffany, Daven , Jennifer , Natasha , and Elvina will perform next. Mevina performed ballet dancing and the others played a song, it is “Give Thanks”. After Mevina’s performance, the other Petra students (Tiffany, Jennifer, Daven, Natasha, and Elvina ) still has to remain on the stage , because they have another performance. Their next song is “Be Our Guest”, “Be Our Guest” is a very-very jolly song. After, Petra students’ performances, Pei Hwa pupils also want to share something with us all. They are Indian dance and Chinese dance, they were all so fascinating! And after the performances, we went to class, but it wasn’t the Hossana auditorium it was another class. In the class we made some flowers out of origami paper. It was a wreck, but it was worth to try…..

After the art class, we met Mrs. Foo (the principal)! She was very kind and friendly. She gave us food to eat. And then after we ate, we all went back to Hossana auditorium. In side the room, we learnt Math. Then after Math, Mrs. Foo has a surprise for us out side. When we opened the class room door…. There was a big feast for us. We ate soooooo many food ‘til we we’re really full of food. After the big feast, we gave presents to our friends, buddies, and partners. And actually we also took a photo with the Petra and Pei Hwa teachers and also the students. When we’re done taking photos, it’s time to go to Sentosa we were so happy, but at the same time we’re sad because we have to say our last good bye to our friends from Pei Hwa. When the bus arrived, we have to go….. Some of us cried at the bus and some of us felt darn sad…..When we sadly think about our friends, we just realized that there was a tour guide. His name is Mister Robin, he’s our tour guide for the day. When we’re on our way to Sentosa, he talked about Singapore ‘till we arrived in Sentosa. When we arrived, we rode a cable car to go to the Sentosa Island. The Sentosa Island was a very beautiful place for the whole family. Long story short we watched a musical drama, and it was “Songs of the Sea” it was a very wonderful musical drama. But when we have to go back to the hotel we were very-very happy to hear that because all so tired. Well, I hope we see our partners again soon…. Bye Pei Hwa we will all miss YOU!!!!!

By group 3 crew:





kelompok2 on February 16th, 2012

Today was very exciting day. But today there was some of our friends were sick. Horay…. today we would going to Science Centre. Before that we had to go to school. At school we studied about Phisical Education, Science, English and Math as usually. At school we also looked at a video of the lesson.

After school we went to the Science Centre . We were very happy. There we could see all things about science and mathematics. There we could see a fire tornado. “Wow….that was amazing and also hot too”, said Christina. We took a lot of photo  at that place. Unfortunately our time was up, we had to move to another place.

At 4.30 pm, we were picked up by bus, went to Chinatown. We came in OG Plaza, bought some toys and having fun with other friends. We met a kind woman, who was telling about her country and it’s language. But …huamm….we were so tired. Its time to go to the hotel.

Bye…see you on our next journey.

From group 2 : Natasya, Cristina and Elvina

kelompok1 on February 16th, 2012

Today, we woke up early and took a bath quickly. We had breakfast  at 06.40, we all ate scrambled egg, sausage, pancake, cake, fruit and many others.

After 15 minutes wait, the bus came to pick us up to go to Pei Hwa school. We learned many subjects today.

The first lesson we joined Physical Education lesson with Ms Nandini. We played  the cone game. The game rule was, we must take the cones from the center to our place. We ran and galloping.

After  that, we must line up and went back to Hosana auditorium to join the next lesson.
There  our partner and buddies from loyalti 7 were waiting for us. We were going to study science with Mrs Tan. She taught us about heredity and characteristic of plants. After that we learned social lesson by Madam yang. It was about dropping of atomic bomb.

The next lesson was Christian Value by preacher Ya Ying Chuan dao, but we didn’t understand what  he said. He taught us in Mandarin language. Fortunately, our partner told us that  Mr Ya Ying Chuan Dao told us about Abraham. Yayy ……

Next lesson was English, we learned vocabulary with Mrs Ruziah.  After that lesson was Mathematic with Mrs Tan. She taught us about fraction. It was really confusing, but it was fun for us. We also learned about spelling English in the last lesson today.

Horayy, the time was up. We were in hurry to go by bus to Science Center. It was not far from Pei Hwa.  There we saw a lot of experiment Biology, Medicine, Physic, Chemistry and so on. We were there about 2 hours. After that, we went to OG Department Store in China Town. Most of our friends bought many souvenirs for our partners and friends.

Thats from us today, the very exciting experience today.

We can’t wait for tomorrow to continue the interesting  journey.
Group 1 :  Joyleen, Angela dan Catherine

Group l :
Joyleen Lyneth Sanjaya

kelompok1 on February 16th, 2012

Kring………. the alarm rang at 05.00 a.m. , but we still wanna sleep. It’s time to go to school, so after taking a bath and do all preparation, we went down for breakfast.

This morning, we didn;t feel happy, because our friend Catherine was sick. She had fever this morning, so she didn’t go to Pei Hwa School.

After had breakfast, we waited for the bus. 15 minutes later, our bus came, but Catherine stay at hotel.
We learned how to make chinese tea. Some students from Pei Hwa school gave us information about tea appreciation and they demonstrated how to make chinese tea. It was intersting experience for us to learn Chinese Cultural.
Next, we had a Physical Education lesson. We played soft volley ball with Mr. Lo as physical education teacher. Then, we had science lesson with Mrs Michelle Tan. She taught us about Heredity and Reproduction in Human.
After science lesson, we went to Art Restaurant with some of school staff from Pei Hwa. Thats surprise for all of us. At 2.00 p.m. we went to Mint Museum of Toys. We saw some old toys from 1868 until now. Next, we went to Kinokuniya Book Store one of the biggest book store in Singapore. We buy some Books and stationary there, after that we had dinner.

We went back to hotel at 07.15 pm and arrived at hotel at 07.30 pm. Thank you Lord for nice experience today.
Group 1 : Angela,Joyleen and Catherine

kelompok4 on February 16th, 2012

The alarm clock rang. Fastly we took a shower in the bathroom. Then we went to ms. Natali’s room. And we had our brekfast. Yummy….. the food was delicious.

After the bus came, we all went into the bus and went to PeiHwa school. In this nice Thursday we started our activities with Physical Education again. After sports in the PE field we went to Hosana room wow. There were science, math, social studies lessons. Mrs. Tan taught us all about science. After that we had our recess timee! Today we had omelet rice, hmmmm…. Yummyyyy!!!! Today, we had our english lesson with Ms. Ruzia and also Math with Mrs. Tan. Mrs. Tan taught every part of math so detailed. Today, some of us also practiced for tomorrow’s farewell ceremony.

After school, all of us went outing. Today we went to Science Centre! Woooow! HHOORAAY!! We were very tired but so excited. There were so many rooms there, such as DNA room, sound room, digital room, digital design studia, the mind’s eye, living with viruses, mathematic room and also eco garden. In Science Centre, we learned some informations about viruses, human body, etc. In Science Centre, there is also a gift shop, called Curiousity. Some of us bought weird stuffs, like pluto plasma.

After our journey in science centre our next destination was chinatown. HOORAAY! We went to shopping mall again. Some of us bought some toys again, and also bracelets and the charms. Hehe.

Exhausted, we all went to hotel to leave our belongings there and then quickly went to the restaurant to grab our dinner. We ate noodles, rice and sphagetti. We drank hot milo to warm our body. Yum!

We were all so full, thus, we quickly went back to our hotel and got some practices before sleeping. We should go to bed early, because tomorrow we should go to PeiHwa earlier. We are so excited and nervous about tomorrow’s performance. We’ll pray so that everything will run smoothly, because tomorrow will be our last day in PeiHwa. Hiks.
May God bless us! Talk to you soon! 🙂

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kelompok3 on February 16th, 2012

Yaaaaaaaaaay……..!!!!!! Today we were going to the Science Centre, but 1st we have to go to school. In the school we had PE ,,English lesson, Math lesson, ,Science lesson ,social studies, and Christian education (in Chinese).

In P.E we actually played with students from other classes .We played a lot of games. But each games has something to do with stamina , because the class is gonna do a running test next week……. After that we learnt about heredity , characteristics of humans, animals, and plants.

After the end of the lesson , we moved on to another one lesson , it was social studies, we learnt about how American people used an automatic bomb to make Japan surrender and end the war quickly. With the help or the American scientists , they make two atomic bombs, they’re names are little boy (the first atomic bomb ) and fat man (the second atomic bomb ).

After they made it , they have to prepare to bomb to towns , Nagasaki and Hirosima. At least they dropped the two bombs , but will they succeed? … They did succeed !!! so from now , Singapore is fully independent . So , those there will be no more war between this two countries. It was a big interesting video that everyone should know.After social studies , we all learnt other lesson like math lesson , English lesson , and Christian education. After school , we went to the science center and it was so cool inside the science centre. After we went to China Town . The China Town reminded me about the China Town in Surabaya. In China Town we went to a large mall full of unique things. After walking around for a few minutes , we stayed in a place behind the exit. Then we saw a nice friendly lady . We talked , talked , and talked until the bus arrived.

Well , that’s all about the fun today , hope we can have another great day tomorrow . Thanks for the tips lady !!!bye

By: Mevina , Jennifer , Michelle , and Tiffany

Note : Parents can found the pictures at another group.