Today we woke up at 5.30 in the morning. After we had breakfast at the hotel, we went to Pei Hwa School at 7.30. We reached Pei Hwa School at 8.00 in the morning. The principal (Mrs. Foo) received us with Chinese Drum ceremony done by 3 Pei Hwa pupils.

The first classroom session was English Lesson. It is very interesting because there are some games (ice breaker) to get to know each other. There are some ice breaking games and the teacher taught us about noun and verbs, by using a very popular song (heal the world by Michael Jackson), we sang this song together as a listening skill and we filled the blank part of the lyric of this song.

After the English Lesson, we had a school tour and neighbourhood. After that, we are introduced by Pei Hwa School heritage. The next lesson was Math Lesson, we learned about fraction at math class. The lesson that we followed today was Robotic lesson. It it most interesting lesson we followed today.

After school time, we visited Singapore City Gallery (Museum). We know the future plan for Singapore in this museum. It was amazing to see the miniature of Singapore. After that, we went to Orchard to have dinner and bought some souvenir.

Group : Reyhan, Andersen, Steven,  Stevano and David.

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