This is our first day at school and this is also our first time to meet our new buddies. We almost woke up late,but thanks God finally we were not late. Today we had breakfast in the hotel. There were many foods, fruits and drinks. yummy!

We went to school by bus. There was a welcoming ceremony in front of the gate, the students of PeiHwa played drums for us. They were so cool! woW!!!!!! The first lesson was English. There was a game before the class started. The game was about knowing our new friends. We had to get 16 signatures from our PeiHwa friends. We like our new friends. They are so friendly.

The second lesson was maths, the teacher’s name is Miss Michelle Tan. She is so adorable. After that we had robotic lesson. We had to set the program to make the robot move. It was so challenging.

After school,we went to singapore city gallery. We saw the miniature and history of singapore. We enjoyed it so much. We also took lots of pictures. He he he.

We also went to Orchard. We went to Lucky Plaza and Takashimaya. We bought some souvenirs for our family and friends in Indonesia. We bought some keychains too.

Before going home, we went to the foodcourt and ate roasted duck, char siew and pork rice… So delicious!

That’s all for today. See you tomorrow!

Natasha celia, Putri, Daven, Michael

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