Today we went to school, and got some lessons. We got Math,P.E,health education, English and science. in math lesson, we learnt about fraction, in P.E lesson , we played freeze and melt . that was fun!! . in English lesson , we did some health education , we learnt about diet and the last lesson , science , we learnt about heredity about animals and plants . it was amazing lesson!!

WOHOO!!! we went to art science museum and MEMA museum . that was so fun . we took a lot of photos. in art science museum, we learnt about the history of titanic and inventor liked leonardo da vinci . in MEMA museum , we learnt about history of ship . then we bought some souvenirs . then , we looked an exhibition.

Then, we went to hotel and ate a dinner . It was a tiring day but it was exticing too. and we went to sleep.


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