Today we woke up at six o’clock, we thought we were late. But actually we didn’t. Oh yeah!.. Today is 14th February…….Do you know, what is so special today?Today is Valentine’s Day, we prepared some gift to our partners, and gave the gifts today. After we had breakfast at the hotel, we went to school by bus.

At school, we learnt some lesson. There were Physical Education, Science, Mathematics, and English. Before we studying, we gave our valentine’s gifts to our buddies. PE or Physical Education was fun, in Indonesia we called it sports. We played a game, called freeze and melt. It was so fantastic! And after that we went back to class, and started studying English, Science and mathematics. Even if we were so tired, we could study well. Finally we finished school. Then we went outing, HORAAY!!

Our outing was super! We went to Art Science Museum and MEMA Museum…..!!!!!!! One word for Art Science Museum to be said: SUPER……..! We had seen the video clip about art, and also saw all about TITANIC…Starting from the Stories until the things that have been found in the deep of the sea. So cool!!!

After going to ArtScience Museum, all of us went to MEMA Museum. Before we walked around the museum, we ate snacks first at the MEMA Museum. We saw the video clip of the beginning story of Cheng He, we also bought some souvenirs again. We did not forget to take some photos, because the view was very good.

Before going back to the hotel absolutely we had dinner. Haooohh…….we were so sleepy…that was our journey today…. Bye bye!!!
Good night….

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