Today is our first day at school. Jay….! We could not wait for it. We had to wake up at 05.00 a.m, then we had breakfast at 06.30 a.m. It’s still dark.

At 07.00 the bus arrived at our hotel, so we had to go up to the bus quickly. We arrived at Pei Hwa school after 15 minutes drive from our hotel. Some students greet us with welcoming drum, so we were surprise for it.
After that, we join English and Mathematic lesson at Hosanna Room. There lessons were interesting for us. After joining the lesson we had recess for 30 minutes at Cafe Manna.

After recessing, we join robotic class for about one and half hour.

At 2 pm the lesson finished and the stude of Singapore nts went home. We also went to the Singapore City Gallery, we saw miniature and movies of Singapore. We enjoyed that until 05.00 pm. After that we went to Takashimaya Mall at the Orchatd street for sight seeing and shoping. We bought some souvenir for our friends and family in Surabaya.
At 06.00 we had dinner at Lucky Plaza Food Court. We were so tired and went back to hotel soon. We had to take a rest because tomorrow we have to get up early.
Bye bye…..

Group 2
Natasha Sharon

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