“WAKE UP.. WAKE UP..!!” It’s time to go to school. It was our first day at school. We burst into bathroom and took a bath qiuckly. After taked a bath, we went downstair and had breakfast. We ate a lot, like cereal, sausage, scrambled egg, etc.
We started our cold day at school, it was PHPPS or Pei Hwa Presbyterian Primary School. We went there by bus. After 20 minutes, we arrived at school. The school was so clean, big, wonderful, and all of the people were friendly. We were greeted by drum team. When we saw them were very keen on playing the drum. We began our activities at Pey Hwa School this day.
First, we went to the Hosanna Auditorium and we followed Loyalty 7 class. Before starting our lesson, we met our partners there. They were so nice and friendly too. We learned English with Mdm. Ruziah, Math with Mrs. Michelle Tan, and robotic lesson with Mr. K.C Ang. All of the teachers were funny, nice and absolutely friendly.
Before we went outing, we had lunch there, at Cafe Manna. After that, we went to Singapore City Gallery.
We saw the miniature of Singapore City there. It was WONDERFUL and AMAZINGG!!!!! We saw the development of Singapore City. It was so different from year to year.
After that, we went to Lucky Plaza and Takashimaya. We went shopping there and bought a lot of things, like chocolate because tomorrow is Valentine. At We also had dinner at Lucky Plaza Food Court. Ooo.. Yes WE ..enjoyed it very much.
Phew.. After everyone finishing their shopping time, we waited for the bus and went back to our hotel..
OMG..!! Now we are so tired but everyday we will always feel happy and exciting . Time for sleeping.. (-_- ) Ciao all… ( ‘ u ‘ )

BY : Group 1
• Angela
• Joyleen
• Catherine

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