Yey….! Today was Valentine Day…! We got up at 05.00 am. After breakfast, we were to school by bus. We followed sport lesson. We played froze and melt game. We also followed science lesson, English lesson and health education.
After school we went to Art Science Museum. Wow…it was amazing…! There was a replica of Titanic Ship. At that place, we also watched the movie.

At 4 o’clock in the afternoon, we had to go to another place, to MEMA ( Maritime Experiential Museum & Aquarium). At MEMA we could see many cultures from another countries. At that place we also watched movie about Zheng He and his adventures. At 7 o’clock we had to go back to the hotel , had dinner and toke a rest soon, to prepare for school tomorrow.

I hope we will be better tomorrow. Thank you for following our story.
From Group 2 : Christina, Natasha, Elvina

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