Here comes the third day. We started the day with a delicious breakfast and then we went to Pei Hwa school with full of joy.

Today, we studied Science and Math with Mrs Tan, Physical Education with Mr. Lo, English with Mdm Ruziah and also we studied Health Education. All of us were enjoy and interest to join that lesson, because the teachers explained the lesson well.

At school,we had lunch in a huge canteen which serves many kinds of Asian Food. When the recess time came, we went to Canteen Manna. The canteen was crowded. We almost didn’t get any seats !
After school, we went to Art Sience Museum to saw the Titanic Exhibition and Art Science Museum Gallery. That exhibition was so wonderful. We could see the artificial Titanic as same as the real Titanic. Awesome !
After that, we continued our trip to Mema Museum at Sentosa Resort. It also great and wonderful.
We all felt happy and enjoy visiting that museums.

We went back to hotel after dinner, and made this report. Good night …. See you tomorrow with another exciting experiences .
Group 1 :
Catherine, Joyleen and Angela

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