“Huam….what time is it now? oow it’s 5 o’clock, let us sleep for some more time” that was what we had in mind.


“Knock knock knock.”
“Who’s there? OH it’s Ms. Natalie. And we saw the clock whattt?! we were almost late!. In a rush, we took a shower, then after that we went to the 1st floor to grab our breakfast. Today we reached the 1st floor earlier than before.ho ho ho. After we ate in the Hotel, we went to Pei Hwa by bus.

The first lesson today was Chinese Education. We learned how to made Chinese Tea, and then we took a tour around the school. Some of our buddies showed us to make the chinese tea, then Daven and Natasha Celia took a try. Cool! It felt like in the Chinese movies. There were many rooms in PeiHwa, like E-Studio, Dance Studio, robotic room, library and many other rooms. PeiHwa is so BIG!

At school we studied PE and science again. It was nice! We studied about Male and Female Reproduction System.

Today we got a surprise from Mrs Tan, the vice-principal of PeiHwa, we must went out from Pei Hwa and went to the SAP at 12 o’clock. We went by bus from Pei Hwa with the teachers from Pei Hwa. When we arrived we relaized that SAP was like a restaurant. We were given some food, snacks, and juice. The food was very delicious! Yummy! We took some pictures before we came back.

After eating, we went to Mint Museum, the museum of toys. There are so many vintage toys there. We could find lots of toys that from all over the world, and you couldn’t imagine the price. They are so expensive! The toys also came from wide range of years, around 1850 until 2009. It’s amazing right! The toys were very unique. We saw cars, dolls, teddy bears, cartoon characters and the others. There were millions of them. I wanted to stay there for a moment, but it was the time to go.

From Mint Museum we went to Orchard road, we went to Takashimaya. We went to Kinokuniya bookstore. There are huge collection of books there! And also school supplies/stationaries. Some of us bought books and stationaries there. We had dinner there too. After that we went back to have some rest in the Hotel. What a tiring day. But we were happy. We cant wait for tomorrow! 🙂

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