Today is a great day to start a school day and also……. The Singapore City Gallery…..!!
Yay! Today we woke up very early, it was 05.00 in the morning …… We were still tired, but at the same time, we were also happy to see our new friends from Pei Hwa Presbyterian School (PHPPS).
As usual, in the morning, we took a bath then, we ate breakfast, breakfast was…. Tasty!!!
We enjoyed our breakfast ‘til the bus arrived , we rode the bus for 15 or 20 minutes. Although it was a long ride we were still excited.

When we arrived at Pei Hwa we were welcomed by 3 boys playing 3 drums. It was a very great song, but it was loud, too…. After we had photo with the boys, we had English Class. We were also greeted by our pals from Pei Hwa who had e-mailed us 2 weeks ago. They were all so friendly, nice, and also funny. After English class we also learned about the histories of PHPPS. In there we learned like… The founder of Pei Hwa (Preacher Joseph Koh), Pei Hwa’s symbol, and also its time line. After that, we had Math class, too. It was quite confusing for us, but we were very happy :D.

After that we had recess for 30 minute we had Robotic Class, Yay….finally the Class that we’ve been waiting for is here, It was soo very fuuuun…. !!!! But quire challenging too….

After tthat Robotic Class we waited for the bus to pick us up. We waited in a Class called loyalty seven, it was very large, In there we played we out fellow Petra friends there whwn bus arrived we went to the Singapore City Gallery….!!! It was so cool, we saw a tiny miniature of Singapore, it was very cute and awesome…. After walking for a few minute, we rode the bus again and we stopped in Lucky Plaza. In there, we bought souvenirs for some our friends and family.

After shopping , we ate dinner. When it’s time to go back hotel to the hotel , we were very happy.. because we were very-very tired .

Well, this is our wonderful trip in Pei Hwa and the Singapore City Gallery. Hope that we could have a fun, happy, and funny day like this. See you tomorrow Pei Hwa !

By the Group 3 crew:

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  1. tiny says:

    From the writtings and picts we can see how happy you Girls.
    But don”t forget to take a rest as soon as you finished with the report.

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