Today is Valentines day, Hooooooraaaay!!!!! Usually at Surabaya. We share sweets to the people we love and care, but this time we share sweets with our partners at Pei Hwa and they also gave us sweets. From 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. Firstly, we do P.E (Physical Education) we all played a game named “Freeze and Melt”. After P.E we went to the class and we studied science, we studied about heredity of plants and animals. Next, we studied English, we all studied about rhyming. After that, we studied math, all of us work in groups to solve out the hard questions. And then after math, we studied about Health Education, we learnt about the healthy food pyramid.

After school we went to a Museum near Marina Bay Sands called Art Science Museum. The shape was so cool , it’s live a lotus flower. We went there to see an exhibition of the Titanic crashed. They had a lot of thing to see about Titanic, they even had a list of all the passenger who got lost and saved, … Cool!!!

We also went to MEMA Museum. In the museum there are lots of things to do there, like we can get a fake passport and get symbols all over the world, watching a movie about Cheng He, and seeing cultures all over the world. We also bought souvenirs, too. After we wait for the bus, we went to a restaurant near the hotel, so we just have to walk to the restaurant, after eating in the restaurant we head back to the hotel to sleep.

Well, that’s all about our story, I hope that tomorrow we could have another fantastic day in Singapore and Pei Hwa. Happy Valentines Day Everyone and good night Singapore !!!

By group 3 crew:

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