Huaaaaaaahm……. What a beautiful sleepy day…. When we looked at our alarm clocks it was 6 A.M ! We were all supposed to wake up at 5.30 A.M ! So we showered quickly, wore our uniform, pack our bags, and then we went to the breakfast hall to eat breakfast. We rode a bus to Pei Hwa, but when we got there the teachers told us to go to a traditional tea room, where all students learn about how to serve traditional Chinese tea.

In there, we saw 2 students making tea. The 1st one was telling about the tea and the other one was making Chinese tea. After they make the Chinese tea, they serve to the teachers and also us. After we drink the tea, we want on a school tour the teachers told us about the rooms and activities that the student could do. After that, we went back to our class (Loyalty 7), where all of our friends are awaiting us. We studied science 1st, we learned about the system about male and female which is a little bit disgusting …..

End then, after science there was a big surprise from Mrs. Tan so we have to leave Pei Hwa, we said good bye to our fellow partners and then we rode a bus to a lovely restaurant, and it’s called “The Art”. We ate lots of food there and it was soooooo TASTY!!!! But that was just the beginning… The dessert came and it was suuuuper delicious!

After we ate the very delicious dessert, we went to the Mint Museum! The Mint Museum has many unique toys, some of the toys are 100 years old, but there also other toys who is more than 100 years old.

Then, after we had a tour around the building, we went to the 1st floor and we all bought some souvenirs in the gift shop. Then, we went to Orchard to buy some books in a bookstore, it’s name is Kinokuniya Bookstore. Finally, we ate and then we went back to the hotel.

Well, I hope that we have another great experience like this again. Thanks Mrs. Tan for the surprise!!!

By group 3 crew:
-Michelle -Jennifer
-Mevina -Tiffany

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