Wohoo!!! This was the best day ever.
We went to the school, as usual. And, why we named it the fantastic day ever? Because most of it were Science lessons.

In the school, we learnt about P.E lesson.in P.E lessons , we played safe the baby and pass the ball. in science lesson , we learnt about hereditary characteristic and atomic bomb . in christian education , we learnt about the story of Abraham . in English lesson , we participate spelling test.and the last lesson was Math. in math , we learnt about fractions and fill in the blank.
We were so excited about the lessons.

Yeeeeyyy!!!, After that, we went to the science center. we took a lot of photos. Our photos were funny and cute too. But, we don’t had time to learnt, we need more timeto explore the science center. although we don’t had time, we were so excited about it.

Then, we went to the Chinatown, it was so cool >_< . we bought a lot in there . Phiuhhhhh....., It was a tiring day, but we were also excited. Then, we came back to hotel and went to sleep . This was all we can share about us >.< THE END >.< So, how about you ? [nggallery id=kelompok5day5]

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