Yaaaaaaaaaay……..!!!!!! Today we were going to the Science Centre, but 1st we have to go to school. In the school we had PE ,,English lesson, Math lesson, ,Science lesson ,social studies, and Christian education (in Chinese).

In P.E we actually played with students from other classes .We played a lot of games. But each games has something to do with stamina , because the class is gonna do a running test next week……. After that we learnt about heredity , characteristics of humans, animals, and plants.

After the end of the lesson , we moved on to another one lesson , it was social studies, we learnt about how American people used an automatic bomb to make Japan surrender and end the war quickly. With the help or the American scientists , they make two atomic bombs, they’re names are little boy (the first atomic bomb ) and fat man (the second atomic bomb ).

After they made it , they have to prepare to bomb to towns , Nagasaki and Hirosima. At least they dropped the two bombs , but will they succeed? … They did succeed !!! so from now , Singapore is fully independent . So , those there will be no more war between this two countries. It was a big interesting video that everyone should know.After social studies , we all learnt other lesson like math lesson , English lesson , and Christian education. After school , we went to the science center and it was so cool inside the science centre. After we went to China Town . The China Town reminded me about the China Town in Surabaya. In China Town we went to a large mall full of unique things. After walking around for a few minutes , we stayed in a place behind the exit. Then we saw a nice friendly lady . We talked , talked , and talked until the bus arrived.

Well , that’s all about the fun today , hope we can have another great day tomorrow . Thanks for the tips lady !!!bye

By: Mevina , Jennifer , Michelle , and Tiffany

Note : Parents can found the pictures at another group.

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  1. tiny says:

    Thank you to all the teachers that had been so caring and motivating our kids.
    I think Kelompok 3 was having another marvellous day in Pei Hwa.
    They got more info about the Bombs that invented by the American scientists.
    Nice to hear a little sudden meeting with the friendly lady.
    I hope to hear more about the Petra students’ interactions with their Pei Hwa’s pals.

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