The alarm clock rang. Fastly we took a shower in the bathroom. Then we went to ms. Natali’s room. And we had our brekfast. Yummy….. the food was delicious.

After the bus came, we all went into the bus and went to PeiHwa school. In this nice Thursday we started our activities with Physical Education again. After sports in the PE field we went to Hosana room wow. There were science, math, social studies lessons. Mrs. Tan taught us all about science. After that we had our recess timee! Today we had omelet rice, hmmmm…. Yummyyyy!!!! Today, we had our english lesson with Ms. Ruzia and also Math with Mrs. Tan. Mrs. Tan taught every part of math so detailed. Today, some of us also practiced for tomorrow’s farewell ceremony.

After school, all of us went outing. Today we went to Science Centre! Woooow! HHOORAAY!! We were very tired but so excited. There were so many rooms there, such as DNA room, sound room, digital room, digital design studia, the mind’s eye, living with viruses, mathematic room and also eco garden. In Science Centre, we learned some informations about viruses, human body, etc. In Science Centre, there is also a gift shop, called Curiousity. Some of us bought weird stuffs, like pluto plasma.

After our journey in science centre our next destination was chinatown. HOORAAY! We went to shopping mall again. Some of us bought some toys again, and also bracelets and the charms. Hehe.

Exhausted, we all went to hotel to leave our belongings there and then quickly went to the restaurant to grab our dinner. We ate noodles, rice and sphagetti. We drank hot milo to warm our body. Yum!

We were all so full, thus, we quickly went back to our hotel and got some practices before sleeping. We should go to bed early, because tomorrow we should go to PeiHwa earlier. We are so excited and nervous about tomorrow’s performance. We’ll pray so that everything will run smoothly, because tomorrow will be our last day in PeiHwa. Hiks.
May God bless us! Talk to you soon! 🙂

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  1. tiny says:

    What a special day…Happy to know that Kelompok 4 really enjoyed the program.
    All the best for the performance Guys !!

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