Kring………. the alarm rang at 05.00 a.m. , but we still wanna sleep. It’s time to go to school, so after taking a bath and do all preparation, we went down for breakfast.

This morning, we didn;t feel happy, because our friend Catherine was sick. She had fever this morning, so she didn’t go to Pei Hwa School.

After had breakfast, we waited for the bus. 15 minutes later, our bus came, but Catherine stay at hotel.
We learned how to make chinese tea. Some students from Pei Hwa school gave us information about tea appreciation and they demonstrated how to make chinese tea. It was intersting experience for us to learn Chinese Cultural.
Next, we had a Physical Education lesson. We played soft volley ball with Mr. Lo as physical education teacher. Then, we had science lesson with Mrs Michelle Tan. She taught us about Heredity and Reproduction in Human.
After science lesson, we went to Art Restaurant with some of school staff from Pei Hwa. Thats surprise for all of us. At 2.00 p.m. we went to Mint Museum of Toys. We saw some old toys from 1868 until now. Next, we went to Kinokuniya Book Store one of the biggest book store in Singapore. We buy some Books and stationary there, after that we had dinner.

We went back to hotel at 07.15 pm and arrived at hotel at 07.30 pm. Thank you Lord for nice experience today.
Group 1 : Angela,Joyleen and Catherine

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