Today, we woke up early and took a bath quickly. We had breakfast  at 06.40, we all ate scrambled egg, sausage, pancake, cake, fruit and many others.

After 15 minutes wait, the bus came to pick us up to go to Pei Hwa school. We learned many subjects today.

The first lesson we joined Physical Education lesson with Ms Nandini. We played  the cone game. The game rule was, we must take the cones from the center to our place. We ran and galloping.

After  that, we must line up and went back to Hosana auditorium to join the next lesson.
There  our partner and buddies from loyalti 7 were waiting for us. We were going to study science with Mrs Tan. She taught us about heredity and characteristic of plants. After that we learned social lesson by Madam yang. It was about dropping of atomic bomb.

The next lesson was Christian Value by preacher Ya Ying Chuan dao, but we didn’t understand what  he said. He taught us in Mandarin language. Fortunately, our partner told us that  Mr Ya Ying Chuan Dao told us about Abraham. Yayy ……

Next lesson was English, we learned vocabulary with Mrs Ruziah.  After that lesson was Mathematic with Mrs Tan. She taught us about fraction. It was really confusing, but it was fun for us. We also learned about spelling English in the last lesson today.

Horayy, the time was up. We were in hurry to go by bus to Science Center. It was not far from Pei Hwa.  There we saw a lot of experiment Biology, Medicine, Physic, Chemistry and so on. We were there about 2 hours. After that, we went to OG Department Store in China Town. Most of our friends bought many souvenirs for our partners and friends.

Thats from us today, the very exciting experience today.

We can’t wait for tomorrow to continue the interesting  journey.
Group 1 :  Joyleen, Angela dan Catherine

Group l :
Joyleen Lyneth Sanjaya

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