Today was very exciting day. But today there was some of our friends were sick. Horay…. today we would going to Science Centre. Before that we had to go to school. At school we studied about Phisical Education, Science, English and Math as usually. At school we also looked at a video of the lesson.

After school we went to the Science Centre . We were very happy. There we could see all things about science and mathematics. There we could see a fire tornado. “Wow….that was amazing and also hot too”, said Christina. We took a lot of photo  at that place. Unfortunately our time was up, we had to move to another place.

At 4.30 pm, we were picked up by bus, went to Chinatown. We came in OG Plaza, bought some toys and having fun with other friends. We met a kind woman, who was telling about her country and it’s language. But …huamm….we were so tired. Its time to go to the hotel.

Bye…see you on our next journey.

From group 2 : Natasya, Cristina and Elvina

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