Ughhhh….. Today we have to wake up at 5 am that was just bad, but today we also have to say good bye to our friends too….. We were going to miss them all! So we had to eat our breakfast quickly. After the bus arrived, we quickly got on the bus and then we went to the school. In the school , some of our friends from Petra and Pei Hwa will perform something for the morning exhibition. In this team, all 4 of us will perform in the morning exhibition…..We were all so nervous.

When the farewell party had begun, the Pei Hwa students sang 2 songs , the songs were all about Pei Hwa and Singapore. When they have done singing, the time of our performance had been arrived. Before we perform, Michelle had led us to pray. After we prayed to God , we did our performance and we all did our best to entertain everyone. Michelle performed a speech in English, while Andersen performed speech in Chinese. After the speeches, Mevina, Tiffany, Daven , Jennifer , Natasha , and Elvina will perform next. Mevina performed ballet dancing and the others played a song, it is “Give Thanks”. After Mevina’s performance, the other Petra students (Tiffany, Jennifer, Daven, Natasha, and Elvina ) still has to remain on the stage , because they have another performance. Their next song is “Be Our Guest”, “Be Our Guest” is a very-very jolly song. After, Petra students’ performances, Pei Hwa pupils also want to share something with us all. They are Indian dance and Chinese dance, they were all so fascinating! And after the performances, we went to class, but it wasn’t the Hossana auditorium it was another class. In the class we made some flowers out of origami paper. It was a wreck, but it was worth to try…..

After the art class, we met Mrs. Foo (the principal)! She was very kind and friendly. She gave us food to eat. And then after we ate, we all went back to Hossana auditorium. In side the room, we learnt Math. Then after Math, Mrs. Foo has a surprise for us out side. When we opened the class room door…. There was a big feast for us. We ate soooooo many food ‘til we we’re really full of food. After the big feast, we gave presents to our friends, buddies, and partners. And actually we also took a photo with the Petra and Pei Hwa teachers and also the students. When we’re done taking photos, it’s time to go to Sentosa we were so happy, but at the same time we’re sad because we have to say our last good bye to our friends from Pei Hwa. When the bus arrived, we have to go….. Some of us cried at the bus and some of us felt darn sad…..When we sadly think about our friends, we just realized that there was a tour guide. His name is Mister Robin, he’s our tour guide for the day. When we’re on our way to Sentosa, he talked about Singapore ‘till we arrived in Sentosa. When we arrived, we rode a cable car to go to the Sentosa Island. The Sentosa Island was a very beautiful place for the whole family. Long story short we watched a musical drama, and it was “Songs of the Sea” it was a very wonderful musical drama. But when we have to go back to the hotel we were very-very happy to hear that because all so tired. Well, I hope we see our partners again soon…. Bye Pei Hwa we will all miss YOU!!!!!

By group 3 crew:





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