“Wow it’s so early it’s 4 o’clock” we thought in sleepy faces.

We quickly took our bath and got ready to school. Today we are very sad because today is the last day in PeiHwa. We will miss our buddies. 🙁 After we took a bath. We went down to eat some breakfast. Many kinds of delicious food this morning. After breakfast, the bus came. We went in the bus and waited to arrive in PeiHwa. We were so sleepy. After we arrived in PeiHwa, we went to the hall. We had a performance, a farewell performance. PeiHwa had a special performance for us too. There were indian dance and chinese dance.

After the ceremony, we learned arts… We made flowers from colored papers. Then we went to hossana class and study math. Mrs.Tan gave us oreo so yummy. After that, the english teacher came and asked us to go out the door. There were a party. They served us meals for lunch.

After we ate we go back to the class and took some photos. We are sad because we will leave our buddies. We will miss you all guys….:(

After school, we went inside the bus and took a trip to sentosa island. There, we rode cable car and visited the images of Singapore. That place is soo cool! We took lots of pictures there! After that we watched the song of the sea. we had our dinner there too. The food was delicious. and finally we went back to the hotel and slept well.

Tomorrow we will go to Universal Studio. We are all so excited yet sad, for tomorrow will be our last day in Singapore.

Our trip in Singapore is soooo unforgetable for us. It is such a good memory for all of us. We have learnt a lot here.

Thankyou PeiHwa.

Thankyou Petra.

Goodbye Singapore… See you all soon our family and friends in Surabaya! 🙂

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