This morning, we woke up earlier. Because, we were going to join the morning assembly at Pei Hwa, our school at Singapore. And today our father at Singapore, Mr. Endra was sick. Poor him.. L Too shame.

After arriving at school, we went to a big auditorium at level 4. First thing we did  there were praising our God and after that we saw some performances from Petra students and also Pei Hwa. Petra’s performance were playing violin, piano, flute and ballet. And also our friend Anderson speech in Mandarin if Michelle, she speech but in English. After that, we saw some performances from Pei Hwa’s students. Such as Chinese dance and Indian dance. It was so cooll..

After the morning assembly ended, we went to Hosanna Auditorium and met our buddies. We started our school journey with math lesson. Then after the math ended, it was the recess time. Pei Hwa gave us some special food. It was so.. YUMMY! 😛

After the recess time over, we back to Hosanna Auditorium. At there, there was Mrs. Ruziah, our English teacher at Pei Hwa.

First , she asked Petra’s students who want to share their experiences and feeling study at Pei Hwa. And almost every Loyalty 7’s students choose Anderson and the other.

After that, the farewell party began. Mrs. Foo, the principal of Pei wa came and gave some gifts to Mrs. Ariani. Then Petra’s students gave some gifts to Pei Hwa’s students. Then we have to say goodbye to them.. Hiks.. I don’t like this part.

Then we in to our bus and going to Sentosa Island. The cable car didn’t take a lot of times. After arriving to Sentosa Island, we went to Images of Singapore. At there was full of statues, but every statues at there were look the same as the real.

After walking at Images of Singapore, we went to Singapore Tiger Skytower. So everyone in to a big cabin, and that cabin will going upward and while it was going upward, the cabin was spinning. We saw beautiful views. After that, we went to Chocolate World. We bought some chocolates.

Our journey paused for having dinner at Sentosa Island. After everyone had finished their dinner, we continue our journey to Song of The Sea.

The show started at 07.00 p.m. the show was so beautiful, awesome, and absolutely cool. And at 08.15 p.m, the show ended and everyone clap their hand.

Hoahm… We felt tired and sleepy. OK.. Let’s go back to hotel and take a rest or sleeping.. Well, it is the end of our journey for today. See you everyone.. Sleeptight


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