Hoahm… At 04.30, we gathered at Juanda Airport, in front of Rotiboy. And we must waiting for the other friends that haven’t come. And at 05.00, everyone arrived. Phew.. We don’t need to wait to long. And we made a line going in to the airport. And gave our suitcases.

After gave our suitcases, we went to the imigration to stamp our passports. After everyone finished, we were going to the waiting room. We got waiting room number 11. Huh.. We still have to wait for the plane. It was ChinaAirlines.

The plane was so big and beautiful. All of us, have different seats. Joyleen had 29-E, Angela had 28-B, and Catherine had 28-F. But, we still feeling happy 😀

At there, we have breakfast at the plane. Like omelete, beef, noodles, etc. After flying 2 hours in the air,we arrived in Singapore!!!! HOORAY..!!

At Changi,we took our suitcase and waiting for our tour guide. For about 10 minutes our tour guide arrived. His name is Phillip,but we called him Phil. He is so funny and speak English well,and fast.

So,our journey  began at Merlion Park.At there,there is a big statue,called Merlion .But there is a son of Merlion. We have a lot of photos at there. We have  20 minutes at there. Next, we went to the Singapore Flyer.

The Singapore Flyer is huge and we were very enjoying Singapore Flyer. We can saw beautiful views .

Now our stomach need food,we’re starving! So,we had lunch at Nyonya Restaurant (Chinese Restaurant.).We ate vegetables,chicken rice,soup,and fish.Now we’re satisfied.Next,we went to Ibis Novena Hotel and we took a rest  for 3 hours

At  7.00 pm we had dinner at Mega Foodcourt.After dinner,we went to 7 Eleven to bought something we need,like snacks and Singtel. Even it was tiring day, but it was exciting.Now we want to sleep.


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