“Horray!! Today we went to Singapore. But I’m still sleepy.” Said Christina. Before we aborded, we had to put our luggage in the baggage. We had to line up for imigration. And then, we wait a while in the waiting room. “ It’s time to get in the airplane! Yeay!!” said Natasya. Our plane called China Airlines. It took 2 hours from Surabaya to Singapore. We arrived at 8.55, Singapore time of course.

The airport was so cold and clean. It’s called Changi Airport. And we waited for 15 minutes ‘till the bus arrived. There was a tour guide name Philip who lead us to introducing Singapore to us. We went to the Merlion Statue, there we can see Esplanade Theater, Singapore Flyer, Art Science Museum, and Marina Bay.

And then, we went to Singapore Flyer. “ Wow, it’s so big and moves slowly. I’m kindda afraid” said Elvina. It took 30 minutes for a round. Then we had lunch. There , we ate a lot of tasty and healthy food. It called Straits Chinese. And then, we went to the Ibis Hotel and check-in there. Then, it’s time for us to take a rest. At 7 p.m., we had dinner at Mega Foodcourt.

Then, we went to a minimarket to buy some food and phone credits. We went back to the hotel. And we wanted to go to bed and we were very tired. Hoam… Bye!! See you tomorrow.

By: Elvina, Christina, Natasya.

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