Yay…!!!!!! This is the most great moment of our lives ! Do you know why ? The time has come, We’re going to Singapore…!!! Wooohooooo…!!!! We are so happy and also excited, we went there by China Airlines.

Finally, we arrived in Singapore’s airport, it’s called Changi airport, then we went on a tour around Singapore, then we rode in a bus and we also learned about Singapore with a very nice tour guide named Phill. We went to Merlion Park which it has a Merlion.

Then ,after we took a lot of pictures we went to the Singapore Flyer. The Singapore was so big, we rode it for 30 minutes ,well….. because all the stopping for 10 minutes or less we rode there for more than an hour ..Lt was big , but slow .And then after our tiring trip. We went to eat lunch at this Chinese Restaurant. The food there were very delicious .  The funny part in the Chinese Restaurant is that our friend David challenged Michelle to eat all of the rice on our table, but then she won!!! After our tour day has ended, were so sad ,but at the same time were so happy and excited …. 😀 !!!!!

We went to the hotel ( Ibis Novena Hotel ) and wait for a long time ‘til Mrs. Octi called us for dinner. After dinner we went back to the hotel and go to sleep.

Well, that’s all ‘bout our first day in Singapore and I hope that the next day we can have another great time in Singapore and Pei Hwa!!! We’ll tell you another experience in Singapore and see you all tomorrow. BYEEEEEE !!!Sweet dreams everyone !

By the team 3 crew :





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  1. michelle"s mom says:

    Thank you to Ms.Kim for always guiding Team 3.
    Today’s evaluation is just great as lots of pictures are exposed so we,parents, can see the activities clearly.
    Good job Girls !!!

  2. tiny setyawati says:

    good job Girls !!

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