We woke up at 3 oclock, we felt so sleepy but we were so happy and excited to visit Singapore.We went to Singapore by china airlines,and it took 2 hours.In the airplane there are many facilities,for examples we can watch tv,listen the music,and we can play some games.

we had breakfast in the aeroplane,we got fried chicken noodle and beef omelete….Yummy!!!We got yougurt,fruits,and bread too.The view of the sky is very beautiful.After 2 hours on the sky,finally we arrived in Singapore.The Singapore AIrport is very big,clean,and so cool…..After that we went to Merlion Statue,Esplanade,and also Singapore flyer.

We took a lot of pictures there.It was so fun…Singapore flyer is very big,we ¬†saw many interesting spots,such as Merlion Statue,Esplanade Theater,MarinaBay Sands,Singapore River,Art Science Museum,and many more… we didn’t forget to have our lunch,we had lunch in a Chinese Restaurant,called Straits Chinese.

Hmmmmm…….very delicious! We really liked our chicken steam and also the vegetables. We really like being here! We are so excited about tomorrow. We are going to PeiHwa Presbitarian Primary School and meet our buddies tomorrow! Yay!

Okay, it’s time to go to bed…
We are so sleepy…
See you all tomorrow!
Good night and sleep tight! Byeeeeee!

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