4.30 am, we arrived @ Juanda Airport. We walked into the plane. Mr. Pipit Kiswieantoro took a photo of us. We fly with China Airlines to went there. We landed in Changi airport @  10.00 am. The airport is very big, clean, and we can drink the water straight from the tab. AWESOME! After that, we had a city tour around Merlion Statue and Park, The Esplanade Theater, and the Singapore Flyer. We  took a rode in the Singapore Flyer, and also took mannnyyyyy……photos! It was really cool!

Because we were so hungry, the tour guide, Phillip, took us to a chinese restaurant, called Straits Chinese. We ate a lot there, the food were so yummy…and at about 3.00 pm, we checked-in at Ibis Novena  Hotel. We had a rest time there, phiuuuuhh… After that, we went to the Mega Foodcourt to ate dinner, we ate Rice and Noodles. Then, we went to the 7 Eleven to bought Singapore Telephone card, and some snacks. Finally, we went to the hotel, made a report, and went to rest


See Ya!!!

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  1. Joy's mom says:

    Hiii kids,

    How was your day?
    Exhausted ? … I don’t think so ..
    Tired ? …. Probably … but I believe it’s not comparable with your new experiences there.

    I have read your “reports” group by group, quite interesting; expressing that you all enjoyed the trip, full with youth spirits.

    Where are the pictures?

    Now, it’s time for you to write your report and I am waiting for your up dated stories.

    Keep posting …..

    Joy’s mom

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