Hoam…!  W e were really tired! Today, we must woke up earlier than before. After that, we had to go breakfast as ussually. Wow…!We were really full. The bus was coming, it’s time to go to school. At school, we had morning assembly.

Some of our friends perform their own talents, like playing instruments, english speech, chinese speech, and ballet dance. Some of Pei Hwa pupils perform their own talents too, like indian dance, and chinese dance. Aftter morning assembly, we had recess for 30 minutes. Then, we had Art lesson and Math lesson with Mrs. Michelle Tan. And she gave us some snacks. Yeay…! We were so happy. After that, we had lunch with our friends from Pei Hwa. Then, we gave our partners souvenirs that contents a letter for them.

Then, it’s time to say goodbye to our friends. We’ll miss them,too. Then, our bus was coming. “ Horay… It’s time to go to Sentosa Island.” We were so excited. We went to Sentosa by Cable Car. And then, we went to Sky Tower and Images of Singapore. After that, we went to other places to buy some souvenirs. At 17.30 we went for dinner. Wow , we were very full. After that, we went to see The Songs Of The Sea. “ Wow, it’s so wonderful and fantastic.” Now, it’s time for us to go back to the hotel. We had to prepair for tomorrow. Bye!!!

By Group 2: Elvina, Christina, Natasya.

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